Class 9 – Why Do Stories Matter?

Class 9 – Why Do Stories Matter?

This week’s class :

  • Review and discuss Design Fiction clips:
  • Mini-lecture on Storytelling:
    • Aristotle’s Poetics | Storytelling framework
    • Dramatic structure
    • Hero’s Journey mythic structure
    • Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics
    • Matt Madden’s 99 Ways to Tell a Story | Story iteration with flash fiction
  • Poll on our remaining two classes

This week’s class activity about “Why do stories matter?”

  • Discuss what made your selected design fiction clip an effective (or not) piece of storytelling and what you would do differently
  • Rapidly iterate and act out a story by telling the same story three different ways

Final assignment:

You will work in small teams of 2-4. Together you will create a work of design fiction. This means creating a persuasive narrative that envisions and brings a potential design experience to life in a way that the general public can understand.

You will be evaluated on the quality of your narrative:

1. If it is a compelling:

  • Draws you into the characters
  • Establishes a time/setting
  • Evokes emotion
  • Vividly paints a scenario
  • Clearly communicates your vision

2. Suggests an outcome/impact

3. If it appropriate for a non-technical audience (general public)

Additional Resources and Inspiration:

Donna Lichaw How Story Works (excerpt from The User’s Journey) – Storytelling using Back to the Future as an example

Open Culture’s How to Tell a Good Story

Futurist Jamais Cascaio’s site Open the Future

TV show The Expanse

Haruko Tsutsui for Panasonic’s Life is Electric

A Classic (1945): Vannevar Bush imagines the future of information in As We May Think

and…So you want to know about VR, AR and MR?

Kharis O’Connell Designing for Mixed Reality – Blending Data, AR, and the Physical World (free ebook from O’Reilly)

Ryan Betts Practical VR A Cheat Sheet

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