Consulting Services

I help organizations…

develop courses + exercises
learn more about design
facilitate workshops
connect industry with new talent
launch design events

I help…


As the demand for designers has increased, design education has evolved to keep pace. In the past few years there’s been an influx of programs that train UX practitioners, each tackling design education with different intentions.

I help programs determine how to:

  • Balance experiential learning with theory
  • Ensure that students are adequately prepared for real world design problems
  • Determine what skills are most relevant and critical to success in the field

Recruiters + hiring managers

Filling design roles is often not a straightforward task: the role itself may be a mish-mash, a quest for the mythical “design unicorn.” Screening candidates can be resource-intensive. The talent pipeline may be lean and competitive.

I help hiring managers :

  • Develop sound recruiting strategies for designers and other creative talent
  • Establish an environment and culture that will attract and retain design talent
  • Assess what skills to evaluate to anticipate fit and future success

Students + recent graduates

Jumping straight into UX design without formal training is a hope for many, but only a reality for a few. Many choose to double down by setting aside the time to obtain a certificate or a degree that demonstrates their expertise. Part of this experience often involves getting critical real world-like experiences into their portfolio. But the road to learning is filled with many options.

I help prospective students and recent graduates:

  • Unearth good learning resources
  • Evaluate the types and merits of the variety of design programs
  • Understand the key differences between different types of role
  • Bring together their work to establish a portfolio
  • Determine a strategy for finding that first UX job?