About this List

With the exception of the list of tools, these are resources that I consider more timeless and evergreen.

I also (occasionally) maintain a more informal collection of sites on topics that I’m actively investigating.

Tools for Mockups, Wireframes, Prototyping

UX Collective: Designer Tool Stack 2020

UX Tools: 2019 Survey

Social Compare: Matrix of prototyping and mockup tools


User Experience

About Face 4.0 – Book by Alan Cooper

Designing for the Digital Age – Book by Kim Goodwin

Universal Principles of Design – Book by Lidwell, Holden, Butler

Dieter Ram’s 10 principles for good design

Design as Art – Book by Bruno Munari (+ Brainpickings article)

Art as Experience – Book by John Dewey (chapter “Having an Experience“)

52 Weeks of UX – Blog by Joshua Porter + Joshua Brewer

Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction – Online resource by Interaction Design Foundation

User Research

Talking to Humans (free pdf) – Book by Giff Constable

Universal Methods of Design – Book by Bruch Hannington + Bella Martin

Interviewing Humans and Just Enough Research – Article and Book by Erika Hall

Practical Empathy – Book by Indi Young

The Little Book of Design Research Ethics – eBook by IDEO

Mastering the Semi-Structured Interview and Beyond – Book by Anne Galletta

Handbook of Usability Testing – Book by Jared Spool, Dana Chisnell, Jeffrey Rubin

Measuring the User Experience (companion website to the book) – Tom Tullis and Bill Albert

Nielsen Norman Group UX Research Cheat Sheet – Article

Cognitive Science

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People – Book by Susan Weinschenk

The Design of Everyday Things – Book by Don Norman

Nir Eyal’s blog – Website

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment (video – here’s a transcript) – Charlie Munger

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet – Article by Buster Benson

Drawing, Sketching, and Prototyping

Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook (and resources from the book) – Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt, and Bill Buxton

Drawing Ideas – Book by Mark Baskinger + William Bardel

Visual Thinking School – Dave Gray

Christina Wodke’s list of Resources for Drawing Ideas

Catriona Shedd’s list of 50 sketching resources for UX designers

Six Steps to Superior Product Prototyping: Lessons from an Apple and Oculus Engineer – Interview with Caitlin Kalinowski

What do Prototypes Prototype? – Article by Stephanie Houde, Charles Hill

Presumptive Design (companion site to the book) – Leo Frishberg, Charles Lambdin

Design Documentation + Deliverables

Example UX documents – UX for the Masses website

Erin Jo Richey’s User Research docs templates

UX Design Methods + Deliverables – Article by UX Design Collective (Caio Braga and Fabricio Teixeira)

Service Design

Mapping Experiences – Book by James Kalbach

Designing for the Common Good – Book by Kees Dorst

Service Design in British Columbia Public Service (+ Playbook)

UK and Australia’s Futuregov

Government Digital Service UK (+ Service Tookit)

The Business of Design

Strategy: Art of the Long View – Book by Futurist Peter Schwartz (this book is an oldie so maybe borrow it). Harvard Business Review overview of his work with Shell.

Business Development: Win Without Pitching – Book/Manifesto by Blair Enns

Client Management: Make it Bigger – Book by Paula Scher

Storytelling + UX

Storytelling for User Experience – Book by Whitney Quesenberry

Leadership in collaboration: film making and interaction design – Article by Scott Berkun

How Story Works in Back to the Future (excerpt from The User’s Journey) – Donna Lichaw

Writer’s Journey – Book by Christopher Vogler

Understanding Comics – Book by Scott McCloud

99 Ways to Tell a Story – Excerpt from book by Matt Madden

Computers as Theatre – Book by Brenda Laurel (an oldie so the examples are dated)

General Storytelling + Writing

7 Essential TED talks on Storytelling – Compiled by NY Film Academy

Anatomy of a Scene – Article in New York Times

Writers on Writing series – Series by the New York Times

David Ogilvy’s 11 principles reinterpreted

22 Rules for Storytelling by Emma Coats based on her experiences at Pixar

How to Write with Style Article – Article by Kurt Vonnegut

Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell – at the Joseph Campbell Foundation

The Moth series – Episodes of Oral storytelling

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality + Design Fiction

Designing for Mixed Reality – Book by Kharis O’Connell (free)

Practical VR – Article by Ryan Betts

Speculative Everything – Book by Fiona Raby + Anthony Dunne

Make it So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction – Book by Nathan Shedroff

The Future is Now – Article by David Kirby

Bruce Sterling Interview – Article

Design Fiction Lecture – Slides by Tobias Revell


As We May Think – Essay by Vannevar Bush

Design-related Films:

Maya Lin: A strong, clear vision – Freida Lee Mock

Objectified – Gary Hustwit

Charles and Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter – Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey

…and just because:

Brain Pickings website by Maria Papova

Storycorps website

Films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Michel Gondry

Poetics – Book by Aristotle

Art of Living – Book by Epictetus