Class 10 – Design Fiction + Last Class Reflections

Class 10 – Design Fiction + Reflections

This week’s class:

  • Watch the design fiction that our class created (cue popcorn)

Example: Team Holochef (thank you Andrea, Clayton, Annie and Rena!)


We discussed the design fiction our class created with these questions in mind:

  • Is the story believable?
  • Do you care about the characters and what happens?
  • Does the story have conflict (a beginning, middle and an satisfactory end)?
  • Does it clearly communicate the design concept?
  • Is the narrative persuasive? Is it interesting?
  • Can the average person understand the concept and empathize with why someone would choose to use this product?
  • Does the product have merit? (fulfills a a real need/addresses a real pain point that isn’t already addressed in the marketplace)

We reflected on and then sketched:

What is one thing every designer should take with them?

(We had a mix of the analog pen/sketchbook; Don Norman; Empathy and Observation; and the handy smartphone)

We wrapped it up by reviewing the topics we touched on (read: crammed in) this summer:

  • Definition(s) of design
  • Interaction Design
  • Empathy
  • User Observations
  • Design Toolkits
  • Conducting Heuristic Reviews
  • Critiquing Heuristic Reviews/design guidelines
  • Wayfinding/Journey Maps
  • Cross-channel user experiences
  • Assumption (throwaway) Prototyping
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Behavioral change
  • Qualitative user research
  • Play, fun and desirability
  • Design storytelling and iterating with stories
  • Design fiction/speculative design
 And reviewed the many activities we learned from:
  • Sorting exercise/IA
  • Finding analog affordances
  • Cube interaction
  • Empathy + empathy toolkits
  • UX journeys in physical spaces
  • Creating and assessing design guidelines/heuristics
  • Lo-fi assumption prototyping
  • Conducting informal user interviews
  • Creating research plans
  • Designing interventions/behavior change
  • Playing social games and board games
  • Assessing narratives/stories
  • Iterating stories
  • Creating design fiction

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