Class 7 – What Creates Desirability?

Class 7 – What Creates Desirability?

This week’s class discussion:

  • By popular request, a mini lecture on qualitative user research (fortunately, understanding people’s behaviors is a key to unlocking desirability)
  • Qualitative User Research resources
  • Sharing our Research Plans

This week’s class activity about “What Creates Desirability?”

Our focus is on the design of a workspace (or something within a workspace) that encourages non-sedentary activity. With this in mind, sketch/prototype your workspace intervention and also map out your research plan.

I will circulate around to check in and offer feedback.

Learning about reception
Due by the end of class:
  • Post your research plan to Canvas. Be sure to note at the top if you’d like any feedback on specific areas.

Next week’s assignment:

Prepare to play!

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