Class 6 – How Do Our Bodies Move Through Space?

Class 6 – How Do Our Bodies Move Through Space?

This week’s class discussion:

  • Designer’s role as a user advocate | Hasbro’s therapeutic pet robot
  • Last week’s lo-fi prototype with interactivity
  • Theme for the three weeks: work and workspaces
  • Designing urban interventions –> workspace interventions for overcoming sedentary work environments

This week’s class activity about “How do bodies move through space?”

Russian Doll Exercise 1: Parts 1 & 2

  • Assess the CDM building
  • Human Factors, Ergonomics, Dimensions and Comfort of chairs and worksurfaces

Russian Doll Exercise 1: Part 3

  • Interview CDM inhabitants and learn about their work habits, workspaces and activities throughout the day

Next week’s assignment:

Please read the following:

Ryoko Imai and Masahide Ban (Hitachi) Case Study on Disrupting Workspace

Ben Waber, Jennifer Magnolfi, and Greg Lindsay (HBR) Workspaces That Move People

Nir Eyal’s How to Build Habits in a Multi-Device World

Stephen Wendel’s How You Can Help Users Change Habits

Nathan Kinch’s To Design Digital Experiences That Matter, Design for the Five Senses

Based on your reading, please answer the following:

  1. Describe some important considerations when designing a workspace intended for multiple users.
  2. Describe at least three principles when it comes to changing people’s behaviors and/or habits.

Additional Resource:


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