Class 4 – How Does Space Work?

This week’s class discussion:

  • Team Show and Tell: Heuristics for place
  • Overview of this week’s class exercise and individual assignment

This week’s class activity about “How does space work?”:

You will work with the same team last week but with a bit of a plot twist. This week you will use another team’s place/space heuristics to evaluate two similar public spaces and/or retail environments.

First, your team will define your target user(s) and their tasks. Using these users/tasks, you will then go out to your assigned locations and observe. You will use the heuristics and see how well they work. Document your recommendations for improving the heuristics and post to the discussion board.

Due by the end of class:
  • Your team’s recommendation about how to improve the heuristics

Next week’s assignment:

This week you will reflect on what we’ve covered in class so far including:

1.What have you learned about creating and/or using heuristics/evaluative tools?

2.Do you think a design’s medium/form changes how/what you evaluate it? Why or why not? If so, how?

3.Your boss has tasked you with creating a set of guidelines to evaluate a cross-channel (physical/digital) retail experience that you will share with your team. It’s up to you to invent what this overall experience looks like (website, self-serve checkout, apps, interactive mirrors etc). Then describe:

  • What does UX mean in this context?
  • What qualities are found in a “good” cross-channel experience?
  • What would your heuristics/design principles be to evaluate this?

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