Tools for Mockups, Wireframes, Prototyping

Curated list by Cooper Design (routinely updated too)

Matrix of prototyping and mockup tools

Survey of most popular design tools in 2017


User Experience

About Face 4.0 – Book by Alan Cooper

Designing for the Digital Age – Book by Kim Goodwin

Universal Principles of Design – Book by Lidwell, Holden, Butler

Dieter Ram’s 10 principles for good design

Design as Art – Book by Bruno Munari

Art as Experience – Book by John Dewey (chapter “Having an Experience“)

52 Weeks of UX – Blog by Joshua Porter + Joshua Brewer

Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction – Online resource by Interaction Design Foundation

User Research

Talking to Humans – Book by Giff Constable (free pdf)

Universal Methods of Design – Book by Bruch Hannington + Bella Martin

Interviewing Humans – Article by Erika Hall

Just Enough Research – Book by Erika Hall

Practical Empathy – Book by Indi Young

Cognitive Science

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People – Book by Susan Weinschenk

The Design of Everyday Things – Book by Don Norman

Nir Eyal’s blog

Drawing and Sketching

Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook – Resources from the book

Drawing Ideas – Book by Mark Baskinger + William Bardel

Visual Thinking School

Christina Wodke’s list for drawing ideas

Catriona Shedd’s list of 50 sketching resources for UX designers

Design Documentation + Deliverables

Example UX documents – UX for the Masses website

Erin Jo Richey’s User Research docs templates

UX Design Methods + Deliverables – Article by UX Design Collective

Service Design

Mapping Experiences – James Kalbach

British Columbia Service Design Playbook

UK and Australia’s Futuregov

The Business of Design

Strategy: Art of the Long View – Book by Peter Schwartz (an oldie so maybe borrow it). Overview of his work with Shell

Business Development: Win Without Pitching – Manifesto by Blair Enns (free)

Client Management: Make it Bigger – Book by Paula Scher

Storytelling + UX

Storytelling for User Experience – Book by Whitney Quesenberry

Leadership in collaboration: film making and interaction design – by Scott Berkun

How Story Works in Back to the Future (excerpt from The User’s Journey) – Donna Lichaw

Writer’s Journey – Book by Christopher Vogler

Understanding Comics – Book by Scott McCloud

99 Ways to Tell a Story – Excerpt from book by Matt Madden

Computers as Theatre by Brenda Laurel (an oldie so the examples are dated)

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality + Design Fiction

Designing for Mixed Reality – Book by Kharis O’Connell (free)

Practical VR – Article by Ryan Betts

Speculative Everything – Book by Fiona Raby + Anthony Dunne

Make it So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction – Book by Nathan Shedroff

The Future is Now – Article by David Kirby

Bruce Sterling on Design Fiction

Bruce Sterling Interview

Design Fiction Lecture – Tobias Revell

General Storytelling + Writing

7 Essential TED talks on Storytelling – Compiled by NY Film Academy

Anatomy of a Scene – New York Times

Writers on Writing series – Series by the New York Times

David Ogilvy’s 11 principles reinterpreted

22 Rules for Storytelling by Emma Coats based on her experiences at Pixar

How to Write with Style Article – by Kurt Vonnegut

Lectures by Joseph Campbell

The Moth series


As We May Think – Vannevar Bush

Design-related Films:

Maya Lin: A strong, clear vision


Charles and Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter

…and just because:

Brain Pickings website by Maria Papova

Storycorps website

Films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Michel Gondry

Poetics by Aristotle

Art of Living by Epictetus