Cheap UX: Team 2’s Mobile Auction – Class 8

This week’s class focused on rapid assumption prototyping. Here’s what this team came up with.

As a reminder, here’s what Team 2’s problem statement was:

St. Juno’s wants to create an entirely different online auction experience, one that’s very distinct from the likes of Ebay.  They are imagining a mobile auction site/app that is a lot more leisurely, visual and magazine-like, much like a Flipboard or Zite experience.  This prototype should showcase this type of experience, including how a user would browse, watch and bid on items.

This group of students also mapped everything out on the whiteboard first, then moved to paper.  In many ways, mobile feels the most natural to do with paper. I wonder if it’s because mobile has to focus on keeping things simple? Or is it the tactile aspect? I loved their paper keyboard, rotating gallery/paper strip and the old-school “Mac bomb” error.







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