Cheap UX: Team 1’s Touchscreen – Class 8

This week’s class focused on rapid assumption prototyping. Here’s what this team came up with.

As a reminder, here’s what Team 1’s problem statement was:

St. Juno’s would like to be able to capture the stories of the “lives” or history auction items have both before & after auctions to further build value and raise awareness (Imagine that someone donates their battered teddy bear…but it’s the teddy bear that saw them through a hospital stay where they beat leukemia and the teddy bear goes on to help another patient). This prototype should demonstrate an interactive environment/touchscreen kiosk that would allow visitors to St. Juno’s lobby to browse auction items as well as the item’s backstory.

This group of students started out by creating their screen template on the computer so they could print it out.  After I teased them for not being very paper-based, they then surprised me by incorporating popsicle sticks into their kiosk prototype. Love it!






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