Good UX: Usability Test Findings – Class 5

It’s been an extremely busy week so this one will be short and sweet.

I took a divide-and-conquer approach to user testing the NOWBC site: each team focused on different workflows and tasks in their tests. Together we practiced participant recruiting, test planning and creating field guides, interviewing techniques, notetaking, recording video, affinity mapping and data synthesis. And we all survived!

While I didn’t conduct usability testing on the site myself, I did do a fairly thorough analysis of the NOWBC website and looked at the entry experience, as well as the critical paths like Sign Up, Purchase/Checkout and Account Administration. I compiled my recommendations into this:


And now that’s a wrap for the Usability section of my course — from our initial field trip through to testing.

Since it’s not uncommon to hear that clients get downcast after hearing about usability test results, I’m a firm believer in showing them how to overcome the issues by breaking down the work into manageable chunks. This deck includes recommendations for phasing the work, as well as a few wireframe sketches and lots of examples/inspiration.

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