Good UX: Competitive Analysis + Analogous Domains – Class 3

Yesterday, we spent part of the class discussing the “offline” field trip we took last week to a bricks and mortar grocer, as well as the homework assignment of checking out the physical experience of a local farmer’s market.


I thought I’d share and compile my own scribbles and observations of these experiences, and then try to find some online equivalents of some of these attributes.  Here’s some of what I jotted down:


 I found it really interesting how Whole Foods successfully mimics a number of the things that work at a Farmer’s Market such as:

  • Utilizing blackboards and colored chalk
  • Integrating a coffee bar into the experience (even in the snow, the caffeine addicts queued up at the Farmer’s Market, albeit a bit miserably)
  • Merchandising products with wicker baskets and other “rustic” elements like coffee bags (wicker baskets have even made it to our local Safeway)
  • Weaving storytelling into the products/producers
  • Prominently displaying “organic certification” signage


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